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DIY Hand Sanitizer – Homemade Hand Rub with Essential Oils


See how to make a natural DIY hand sanitizer spray with essential oils for you and your family! This homemade hand rub with alcohol/vodka and aloe vera gelt contains organic ingredients. Essential oils provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help to fight germs and microbes. The hand disinfectant recipe includes free printable gift labels, packaging and uses ideas. Can be made with thieves and on guard. Great for kids! #handsanitizer

Laminate Flooring Colors to Match Your Décor

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The wood used in your home, on the doors, on the trim, the cabinets, even the beds or vanities in your home, can be a basis for the colors of laminate flooring you are considering using in the home. If you want to use laminate flooring in your home, consider matching the flooring of your home to the items that are in your home for a great complete décor that you will just love.

Laminate flooring is very similar to real wood flooring you have seen in so many older types of homes. Once installed, laminate flooring is going to look just like the wood flooring that is real. Laminate flooring is going to take the movement of the children, the playing on the floor, and the parties that you love to throw without a problem. With the versatility of laminate flooring, you will just love your new floor.

Laminate flooring can be matched to the cabinets in your kitchen or the trim on the walls. You will find that your home décor is beautiful as you match the colors, and similar types of wood in the home, so your overall look is complete. Once you match the cherry, the pine or the color of your home to the laminate flooring of your choice during remodel, you will be happy with the overall look and appeal of your home. Your home will feel and look more welcoming to all that come into your home. You never have to worry about stains, like you do with carpeting because the laminate flooring has a tough coating that is going to prevent any problems such as those.

The laminate flooring you install in your home, is going to make your rooms seem much bigger. There is something about carpeting that can make a room seem smaller if you have been living in the home for sometime. The use of the lines, and the grains in the laminate flooring gives your rooms an overall bigger feeling. You can include the use of tables in corners, that are a shade different or a dramatic shade in color different from the laminate flooring to complete the overall larger look and feel you may be searching for. A laminate floor is one that you can easily clean, even if you have pets and children. The cost of cleaning the floor is very minimal because there are no special things needed or required to clean the flooring. Find the color of your choice, make your rooms appear bigger, and complete the home décor changes you desire without much added price.

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