Polka Dot Wall Decals, Gold Dots Decals, Confetti Stickers, Metallic Gold Nursery Decor, Vinyl Vinyl Wall Decals, Baby Girl Nursery, Kids

Bring your nursery to life with our Wall Decals Polka Dot Gold Polka Dot Decal, Polka Dot Wall Decal, Gold Dot Sticker, Gold Dots Pattern, Nursery Wall Decal, Polka Dot Decals, Circle Decals 4 SIZES AVAILABLE -2.5 cm (1) -5 cm (2) -7 cm (2.75) -10 cm (4) MATCH YOUR VIEWS Set the space between the stickers to create your own look. EASY TO USE Installation is as easy as removing and sticking. 100% REMOVAL …

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Team Baby Z Pendant

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